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Search Engine Marketing

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Make Advertisement Grants Work For You

Not for profits are eligible for digital advertising and social media promotion grants. We help facilitate the entire grant application process and structure an efficient digital advertising and promotion campaign with the grant award.

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SEO Audit Report

If you are a small business or a not for profit located in the United States, please fill in the request form for a complementary SEO report from us. We will audit your website and send in suggestions for improving the performance of your website for attracting leads and effecting conversions.

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What Sets Us Apart

Link Acquisition Packages

Flexible Pricing Option

We offer a number of options- retainer based fee, flat fee, pay per head, performance based fee. A hybrid model can be worked out as well.


Help Internalize Knowledge

For a sustainable digital marketing program we transfer skills to your staff so that they can do routine tasks independently. This reduces dependencies and improves productivity.

You Save on SEO tools

Digital marketing requires number of proprietary software tools which are expensive. We bring in the best in class technology and make it affordable with the cost being shared across our clients.


Calibrate for Specific ROI

Normally we aim for a minimum 4:1 ratio of customer lifetime value to customer acquisition cost.


On Demand Service

Our doors never close. SEO is a continuous process and delays have huge costs involved. No client request is small and needs immediate attention.


Saving Money on PPC

PPC can be a drain on your advertisement budget if not properly structured and monitored. We use our years of experience to stretch your every PPC dollar.

Recent Case Studies

Learn how small businesses and not for profits are finding digital marketing success with Zivanta Marketing

Weekly Newsletter for NFCC

Clients or consumers don’t necessarily spend their time thinking about your brand or organization. Sending out a weekly or a monthly newsletter is a great way to communicate with your audience and it helps you stay at the top of their minds. These newsletters equip the consumers with all the necessary information and subtly send … Continue reading Weekly Newsletter for NFCC

Form Submission Event Tracking & Goal Creations in Google Analytics for NFCC

We have created the locator forms to help the consumers connect with the nearest agencies no sooner than they fill-up the form. But we should also evaluate the effectiveness of the locator form, whether the users are filling up the locator form and whether they are taking the initiative to connect with the nearest agency. … Continue reading Form Submission Event Tracking & Goal Creations in Google Analytics for NFCC

Locator Forms Implemented across the website of NFCC

Not all consumers get convinced easily to make a call to your business contact number.  Neither they are very keen on filling a general inquiry form which shows a ‘thank you’ message after the form submission successfully happens. So, to acquire the most genuine leads, we had to sort out a unique procedure to fulfill … Continue reading Locator Forms Implemented across the website of NFCC

Case Study by Team at Zivanta Marketing

Improvedcredit increases organic traffic and rank

Improvedcredit reaches out to more customers needing debt counseling during COVID 19, thanks to revamping of its digital marketing outreach

Wear Mask Awareness

Covid -19 ‘Financial Help Campaign’ by NFCC

A successful digital campaign structured to reach out to the financially stressed households impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic

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April 13, 2021

Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing has become imperative for all fields and all professions, gone are the days when word of mouth and traditional methods of marketing used to dominate the market. These days, digital marketing has evolved as an all-rounder and an effective way to promote your business/work that too in ways customized to suit your needs … Continue reading Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

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April 8, 2021

Customer Retention Strategies Post Covid-19

The pandemic has been a game-changer of sorts, having said that not only it has brought new practices into perspective but also re-emphasized upon our basic values, i.e. Customer is the king. Any business in any field has to focus on not only developing but also retaining their existing clients; it is because of these … Continue reading Customer Retention Strategies Post Covid-19

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April 3, 2021

Tools To Be On the Lookout for Digital Marketing in 2021

With 2020 throwing a curveball, coping with so many unknown variables at such an unexpected speed was a challenge, but it presented an untapped opportunity for Digital Marketing experts to come up with an interesting array of tools to optimize the marketing approach for the current year. These tools are like a lifeline for digital … Continue reading Tools To Be On the Lookout for Digital Marketing in 2021

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