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We have created the locator forms to help the consumers connect with the nearest agencies no sooner than they fill-up the form. But we should also evaluate the effectiveness of the locator form, whether the users are filling up the locator form and whether they are taking the initiative to connect with the nearest agency.

How we accomplished the Effectiveness of the Form:

  • We were thinking of adding event tags to the locator forms across the website, and no sooner the form will get filled up, the event data will be recorded in the Google Analytics server.
  • We implemented Google Analytics Event Tracking Tags via Google Tag Manager, and tested the successful implementation of the event tag, i.e. we ensured that the Google Analytics server can interpret and record the form submission data.
  • We mentioned all the 3 attributes of event tracking, i.e. Event Category, Event Action, and Event Label as follows:
  • Event Category:  locator form submissions
  • Event Action: locator form at
  • Event Label: loaded

The above diagram shows that, the event attributes are successfully recorded in the Google Analytics server.

More specifications:

We use Google Analytics Debug Chrome extension to check whether the event data is getting interpreted by Google Analytics and recorded in the real-time.

Turn the Google Analytics events into Goals:

We already have implemented the Event tags and form submission events were getting recorded in the Google Analytics reporting view. But to make it even easier to interpret, we created the event goal with the 3 event attributes (which were used while implementing the events)

Locator Form Submission Goal Completions (Apr – Sep’ 2020)

Benefits of Form Submission Event Tracking & Goal Completions:

  • We can keep track of form submissions every day/every week/every month and tally the number with the actual submissions in our database.
  • Whenever we see a declined trend in the locator form submissions, we can analyze the underlying cause, and which factors are mainly responsible for the decreasing the number of form submissions.