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Not all consumers get convinced easily to make a call to your business contact number.  Neither they are very keen on filling a general inquiry form which shows a ‘thank you’ message after the form submission successfully happens. So, to acquire the most genuine leads, we had to sort out a unique procedure to fulfill the need of the consumers. Our objective was to get the needy consumers connected to their nearest NFCC accredited Credit Counselling agency, no sooner than the form gets successfully submitted.

Locator Form – What is it?

So, a locator form looks like every other form, except it consists of a ZIP code field, which is used to fetch out the nearest credit counselling agency and help the consumer to get connected with the agency no sooner the form gets submitted. The Zip Code is a mandatory field, and based on the input, the underlying server side scripting technology fetches the relevant database and fetches out the nearest agency.

So, the consumer gets the opportunity to connect with the agency no sooner the form submissions gets successfully completed:

What sets the locator form apart from the phone calls or a General Enquiry Form?

  • It saves lot of time , as the consumers don’t have to call at the helpline number, provides their details and wait till the ICR connects them with the credit counsellor.
  • Generic forms are meant to be very conventional, and the needy consumers may not want to wait for an uncertain span of time, hoping to get contacted by some correspondent.
  • Locator form simply helps the consumers to get connected with the nearest NFCC accredited agency no sooner the form submission gets completed.

We have further silo the locator form depending on the categorization so that the users don’t have to select their need from the options dropdown while filling up a form.

We have separate locator forms for each of the following category: