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Competitive Analysis

Differentiator Analysis

It is important to compare your site with the competitor’s site and find out what works for them. Our differentiator analysis w.r.t. competition involves an overview of the product landscape (products, companies, prices, market share, etc.), user demographics, keyword analysis, list of product features, Social media presence (followers, posts, etc.), evaluation of visual design language/voice and content. This forms the structuring of the digital marketing strategy.

UI/UX Features

A competitive analysis provides strategic insights into the features, functions, flow and feelings evoked by the design solutions of your competitors. By understanding these facets of competitors’ products, you can strategically design your solution with the goal of making a superior product and/or experience. We do a heuristic evaluation of the competitor’s end-to-end user experience. We leverage the findings to differentiate your solution from the competition. Understanding the landscape of competitors not only helps inform your design decisions but it also helps in forming the overall product strategy.

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We use tools like SEM rush to scrape competitor websites. We collect key SEO data like keywords, links, top landing pages, display ads etc to form your SEO strategy. This information helps get an idea as to which keywords are driving traffic to a website, which content categories are attracting links and user engagement as well as what kind of resources will be needed to rank your site.

Competition Monitoring

Collection of regular SEO data on competition to create your digital marketing strategy is the key for digital success. We have developed a competitor tracking checklist to do a comprehensive concurrent SEO audit of competition. We do traffic analytics, organic research, keyword gap analysis, back-link analytics, advertising research, display advertising, PLA research, smart mentions tracking, post tracking and social media tracker.