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Big Data

Digital marketing throws up enormous amount of data, however this data is of no use if it is not turned into insights. Analyzing this huge array of numbers requires big data capabilities. We deploy tools which leverage Big Data, for example using the Right Keywords With the Help of Big Data; Letting Big Data give you insights on how to make your ad stand out among  5.3 trillion display ads served to internet users every year. Big Data driven tools like Quantcast can help business owners find relevant target audiences and grow that asset to create a larger customer base. We can help you unleash the power of AI/ML by aggregating necessary AI technologies to empower your digital marketing efforts.

Statistical/Quantitative Analysis

We use statistical modeling techniques to help clients design and track their digital marketing programs. Here are some things you might miss out on, if you  ignore the power of statistical modeling:

  • Time series:  The time-domain methods in digital marketing predict the trend of different metrics in the future.
  • Clustering: Helps in customer segmentation to a granular level, which is not possible manually.
  • Filtering methods: Content/collaborative filtering method helps make informed suggestion to customers on buying related products.
  • Survival analysis: This technique  scores customers’ interplay with different touch points or ads and provides a robust attribution measure.
  • Supervised Learning: Decision trees, logistic regression and neural networks are the common methods used for supervised prediction e.g.  Click Through Rate (CTR) of an ad campaign.
  • Linear Programming:  Aids optimization under constraints. E.g. the technique is used for optimum bidding to detect and purchase the right keywords at the right price on Google AdWords.

Self-Learning and Adaptive Intelligence

Adaptive intelligence is a subset of artificial intelligence that goes beyond just converting inputs into insights to enable action. It helps in delivering the most contextually relevant output whenever required, by training. Use of adaptive intelligence takes personalization of ads to a different level. For instance, a dynamic email ad from a retail chain will show an umbrella for a customer staying in a place where it is currently raining, while a sun dress for a customer living in a geography which has a pleasant sunny weather. The algorithm adjusts the ads shown based on weather conditions. We help aggregate the relevant tools to bring to power, adaptive intelligence in your digital ads and offerings.

Conversational Chatbots

The global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. As AI-powered computer programs, chat-bots are capable of conducting human-like conversations via text and audio platforms. These bots have proven to significantly improve engagement by allowing businesses to provide a consistent customer experience across platforms. We can provide assistance in integrating chat-bots in your website and app’s including Support Chatbots, Skills Chatbots, Assistant Bots, Transactional Bots and Information Gathering Bots.